Posted 5th May 2016

Is President Trump the Republican Party's worst nightmare?

The Party have already had to learn to live with nightmare scenario # 1: Trump as the Republican candidate for the Presidency. To be fair, many of the original 17 hopefuls were a nightmare - well deserving of the collective epithet "clown-car" - but this one redefines the term. There is absolutely nothing presidential about Trump. He's a loud-mouthed bully and boardroom brawler (who, incidentally, has serially failed to deliver on many of his business promises), with the hand gestures of a comedian and mouthing sentiments that belong in the speech balloons of a comic book. To use his own words: "It's a beautiful thing." That his astonishing vacuousness finds such massive support is worrying beyond words and belief. That you don’t let a child play with fire is accepted wisdom so why would anyone want such a narcissist anywhere near the nuclear launch codes?

If the Democratic Party doesn't alter it's lemming-like course, there is every possibility of a Trump victory in November and of the ultimate nightmare scenario being visited on not just the US but the rest of the World.

Nigel Austin 

author of The Robin Gibson series

One could almost feel sorry for the Republican Party, except they're such an irredeemable disgrace that they deserve no sympathy. The depths of the self-serving, small-minded, boundlessly greedy to which they have sunk are a far cry from the party and the presidents of 60 or more years ago, whose memories are still cherished yet whose policies have more in common with Bernie Sanders' platform than anything espoused by the party of the last forty years, who, contrary to the beliefs and votes of many of their followers, have done nothing but harm to the ordinary people of the US.