​Posted 25th June 2016

Brexit: Paying The Piper

When considering the United Kingdom’s longtime friend and ally across the Atlantic, one asks “How could that be so? Surely that would be no way to treat your closest ally, who has stuck with you through thick and thin (a lot of thin) to its own detriment?”  But, in the world of Realpolitik - arguably, at its worst - perhaps no friend is too great to be sacrificed to the gods of expediency  …and, lest we forget, pour encourager les autres. The baying hounds have been unleashed and the only question that remains for now is how far short of leaving a carcass will they stop?  Will the £120bn wiped off the London’s Stock Exchange in minutes be sufficient to appease?  We probably shouldn’t hold our breath.

Following the result of the Referendum, FTSE and the Pound have plummeted with an immediacy that suggests “I told you so” inevitability but might well indicate a heavy degree of stage-management. Which country outside the EU most wanted Brexit to fail - whose President, encouraged or otherwise, involved himself in the UK's internal affairs by attempting to sway the outcome during a recent visit? Which country has sufficient influence and a long enough reach to exact a penalty for disobedience by its vassal?

Nigel Austin 

author of The Robin Gibson series