Nigel Austin 

author of The Robin Gibson series

Posted 28th September 2016

​​What's your poison?

​​It’s hard to believe that Monday night’s first televised debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attracted the largest ever audience for such events. It wasn't popularity or an abundance of  (more...)

Posted ​​25th June 2016

​​Brexit: Paying the Piper

Following the result of the EU Referendum, the FTSE and the Pound have plummeted with an immediacy that suggests “I told you so” inevitability but might well indicate a heavy degree of stage-management. Which country outside the EU most  (more...)

My Blog

I have suspended my blogging to free more time for my work on the Robin Gibson novels but I am quite active on Twitter where there is more than sufficient commentary on the issues in which I have been and continue to be interested. 

Posted 5th May 2016
Is President Trump: their worst nightmare?

​One could almost feel sorry for the Republican Party, except they're such an irredeemable disgrace that they deserve no sympathy. The depths of the self-serving, small-minded, boundlessly greedy to which they have sunk are a far cry from the party and the  (more...)

Posted 23rd November 2016

​​Taking back America

​​World history is populated by leaders who believed they could do anything they wanted or, rather, get away with anything they chose to do. Whether stemming from unshakable self-belief, unbridled selfish  (more...)

Posted 8th September 2016

​​The offer that couldn't be refused?

One of the biggest surprises in recent US politics has been the sudden volt-face in Bernie Sanders’ position in the 2016 Presidential election campaign. For months up to the end of the Primaries, he remained  (more...)

Posted 5th February 2017

Alternative Reality

​​It should come as no surprise that President Trump has achieved a majority disapproval rating in a record-breaking 8 days, by far the the shortest of any of his predecessors - by a margin of over 560 days.  (more...)

from 'Some Kind Of Happiness'   

​   With perfect timing, the waiters arrived with their steaks, 

permitting Nathan to take stock and Robin to anticipate his friend’s verdict. The thing about Nathan was that he rarely disappointed. If he had something to tell you, it 

was entertaining; if he had an 

observation to make, it could be pithy, wise, surprising or 

completely off the wall - in any combination.
   “I won’t pretend that I’m not saddened by what you’ve told me,
Robin,” Nathan said, as he 

regarded his plate appreciatively. “You see, apart from our initial meeting at Darren’s - over four years ago? - I have always thought of the two of you as ‘together’. It gave me immense pleasure to know that - to be reassured by that, by the knowledge that it was possible for two gay men to be in an enduring relationship.”

Posted 23rd January 2017

​​America: a nation divided

​​My first blog of 2017 and I’m wondering where to begin. Actually, that’s not true. To use the latest euphemism for a falsehood to emerge from the Trump administration, I presented an ‘alternative fact’. It’s not a hard decision at all; there really is only one  (more...)

Previous Posts

Posted 18th October 2016

​​Is hope enough?

​​I have tried not to become fixated by the US Presidential Election but it has been hard to resist, given the coverage and the content - and not in a good way.  In the wake of revelations about his sex  (more...)

Posted 8th March 2017

Lying through gold-plated teeth

​​It’s official. We now live in an age where lies - deliberate, manufactured falsehoods - garner as much attention and credibility as that little known commodity, the truth. We are seeing this daily in the USA,  (more...)

Posted 18th February 2017

To B.E. or not to B.E.

​​I’ve never liked the ‘word’ Brexit. Perhaps it’s my aversion to gimmicky expressions or simply my resistance to any attempt to reduce the importance of the concept of a British Exit from the EU by   (more...)

Posted 2nd June 2017

Planet Earth: Sold for a fistful of dollars

No one should be surprised that Trump has reneged on the Paris Climate Accord. Undoing everything achieved by his predecessor is what he does. It's a fitting, if predictable, climax to a week that only he and  (more...)

​Posted ​29th May 2016

​​A stairway to heaven?

​It was good to see Chinese officials react so promptly to the plight of the schoolchildren of Atelier village in the remote western province of Sichuan. The 15 children, aged between 6 and 15, faced a perilous climb of some 800 metres up a sheer cliff  (more...)​​​

Posted ​​2nd July 2016

​​"Is this a dagger which I see before me?"

We may never know the content of the conversation that took place between Michael Gove and Boris Johnson and led to the volte face in Gove’s stance on his candidacy for the Conservative Party  (more...)

Posted 2nd April 2017

Between a Rock and a hard place

​​We can never know what went through the minds of the victors and vanquished as they discussed the spoils of war. When Spain ceded Gibraltar, and Minorca, to Great Britain under the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht  (more...)

Posted ​​31st May 2016

​​Will Hilary Clinton still get a crack at the Oval Office?

So, it finally seems as though Hilary Clinton might be staring at a different reality from the one she had anticipated as the "anointed one" - the one who had ​received enough nods and winks, in return for favours and promises, to secure the Party's  (more...)

Posted 4th November 2016

​​Waiting with bated breath

​​Even by the standards of US elections - not renowned for attracting the cream of intellect, integrity and capability - this campaign has lowered the bar to a degree previously inconceivable, throwing up  (more...)

Posted 9th November 2016

​​The price of getting what you want

​​Early in 1980, one of the most brilliant sketches on the BBC's ’Not The Nine O’clock News’ was a cowboy campfire song affirming belief in Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse, with the last line “But I can’t be  (more...)

Posted 6th July 2016

​​When 'Guilt' is not enough

Unfathomably but perhaps predictably, following protracted and exhaustive investigations, the FBI has decided not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of her private email server while Secretary of State  (more...)

Posted 26th August 2016

​​A match made in heaven?

I thought it was generous of Nigel Farage to share his Brexit experience with Republicans again - this time at a Donald Trump rally in Mississippi last night…  The fact that a majority of the audience  (more...)

Posted 7th May 2017

Sack the ******* chef!

Recent research has concluded there are benefits to the use of intemperate language. It can sometimes increase the persuasiveness of a message (some might say it does the opposite) and venting steam ​​  (more...)

Posted 14th December 2016

​​Fighting for the soul of America

​​The stand-off at Standing Rock, North Dakota, in the Disunited States, is yet another example of just how much Corporate America despises and rides roughshod over The People .. particularly, in this instance,  (more...)

​​​​​Posted 21st  June 2017

Suicide by President 

We British have long understood that bulls and china shops don't go together well. It is not a lesson so readily grasped in the US. Perhaps they have no tradition of retailing china.  Bulls earned this unfortunate reputation for damaging the stock when often all they really wanted was to return faulty goods or find the way out. The Trump bull is in a different category; its sole purpose is to wreck the store and, thus far, has been making a pretty good job of it.

If nothing else, the clue to the bull-like disposition of incumbent 45 lay in the trail of shit he left in his wake wherever he went. He is and, importantly, always has been a rampaging disaster. A failed 'businessman' (count the bankruptcies, creditors and lawsuits), his successes, such as they are in achieving minimal growth of the 'empire' left to him by good old dad, were achieved not through acumen, high ideals, pursuing best practice, playing by the rules or a desire to strike the best deals for all parties but, instead, through a combination of scams, con-tricks, fraud, bullying and blatant lies that left only one winner - Trump - itself often debatable in balance sheet terms.

This should come as a surprise to no one. The evidence was there in plain sight for all to see.  But if there's one lesson we've learned from the last election it's that if you tell people what they want to hear, play to their fears and prejudices and repeat the same lies often enough, you will be believed. It matters not that you lack experience and credentials. It's irrelevant that your claim to be a successful businessman is a total sham. Who cares if you’re a misogynist and a serial molester of women? So what if most of the claims you made during the election campaign were demonstrably false? Or that your language is that of the average 5th grader, whilst your below average intelligence and knowledge and limited attention span suggest your place at that Ivy League college you brag about couldn’t have been earned. And we accept your textbook narcissism and total lack of empathy; after all, you do have feelings - only for yourself, of course - but at least they’re the real thing.

That none of this mattered to enough people to avert the crisis in which America finds itself is arguably more shocking than the nature of the man at the centre of it. It’s as if, while the balance of its mind was disturbed, America attempted to commit suicide by President and is now in intensive care.

So, congratulations, Donald Trump! America is deeply mired in a catastrophe of its own making, its beacon of hope extinguished. You are now seen by the rest of he world variously as embarrassing, flakey, unreliable and an existential threat to peace. Your definition of 'Great' has the nation more divided than at any time since the Civil War and you exacerbate that division through your inept appointments to key posts and spiteful, systematic rolling-back of Barack Obama’s enlightened legacy. [Sorry, I know you hate to hear that but then you won’t have a legacy - other than damage, discrimination, hate, greed and treachery - nor a presidential library, although your tweets will live on, if only in testimony against you.] And let’s not forget the unwavering support for you in Congress - the stalwart efforts of a GOP that have completely lost the plot - ironic as they’re such experts at plotting - and have sold what remained of their integrity to show their true colours by putting party firmly before Country. The health care bill they are currently writing in secret and hope to pass unscrutinised will leave millions without cover. That thousands will suffer and many die every year as a direct result of their callous, avaricious abandonment of their obligations and all decency troubles them - and you - not one jot.

And if all that wasn’t awful enough, you are now under investigation by Special Counsel and, almost certainly, the FBI. It can’t be nice for you, especially with your disposition. You think everyone hates you and is out to get you. You know what? There’s a reason for that. You and your friends have been very bad and the chickens are coming home to roost …except, in your case, it’s a flock of American bald eagles and they’re going to cover you with crap. So why don’t you do yourself a favour, for once, and resign ..and take your vile, sanctimonious VP with you. The God you both pretend to believe in has seen through your hypocrisy and is prepared to authorise bulk dispensation. There is no way this can end well for you so go while you can, before you receive a different escort of men in black from the one you're used to. And one last thought: when Hollywood gets round to making movies about this unfortunate chapter in US political history - as they surely will - your character is likely to be pure CGI, because it’s just too hideous to be portrayed believably by an actor. 

“Nation going into shock. Where’s that stomach pump? What do you mean they’ve got no health insurance?”