​​​Posted 25th August 2016

A match made in heaven?

​​I thought it was generous of Nigel Farage to share his Brexit experience with Republicans again - this time at a Donald Trump rally in Mississippi last night…  The fact that a majority of the audience (80%, according to one survey) had never heard of him or Brexit surely wouldn’t have mattered, just as it would be wrong to suggest it indicated a certain narrowness of outlook and awareness in those attending. It seems you only need to make the right noise at these gatherings in order to resonate.

When Farage told the crowd, “We made June 23rd our Independence Day when we smashed the establishment,” he neglected to mention that the ‘Leave’ margin was a very narrow one that had only been secured through a campaign of lies, promises that could not be kept and fear. In any case, such trivial details matter not in American politics, which could never be characterised as style over substance more than now.

Nor would it matter that Farage is not universally loved in the UK, not even by Brexit supporters or his own UKIP - and for good reason: he used them then and continues to do so now for his own twisted ends. Interviewed on state local radio earlier, he said “…the circumstances, the similarities, the parallels, between the people that voted Brexit and the people that could beat Clinton in a few weeks time here in America are uncanny.” I doubt too many British voters would be flattered by that comparison but they might wonder why he was aligning himself with a party and a man generally reviled in the UK.

Admittedly, unbrainwashed American voters have an unenviable choice in November. Neither of the main party candidates is fit for office. That they appear to be the only viable options is an ongoing source of bewilderment for most onlookers who fail to understand why, in the most powerful nation on Earth, the cream doesn’t rise to the top. Of course, the more one knows, the more one understands that it isn’t allowed to, by those with massive wealth and vested interests. Theirs is the difficult task of maintaining the biggest lie for mass consumption: that they live in a democracy rather than the plutocracy it is. Their contempt for the electorate is unparalleled. Now there’s a genuinely uncanny similarity with Nigel Farage.

Nigel Austin 

author of The Robin Gibson series