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The following volumes in the Robin Gibson series are available.  I hope you enjoy them.  I plan several more titles and am currently working on volume 4.

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from 'Some Kind Of Perfection'   

   Robin had listened on the periphery, delighted to hear again the tale of the infamous ‘Momma Roe’. A formidable woman in build and personality, hers was not so much a charisma by-pass as a bludgeoning into submission that restricted her range of responses to whatever lay between a grudging sneer and a gale force rant, complete with the throwing of any object coming to hand. Her nearest equivalent to a smile could leave Rottweilers swallowing hard, whilst her turns of phrase explored colours of which Dulux would have been proud. It was a foregone conclusion that she wouldn’t take it well when the canopy over her diesel pumps inadvertently engaged with the crane mounted on the flat bed of the truck Terry was driving away and was dragged off its stanchions. The resultant tirade of obscenities, within which she made reference to the job that was no longer his, might have caused navvies to lose control of their bowels. Having had only a light breakfast, Terry was immune. As it was, a local school was closed early and the children sent home for their safety.

“Does that mean you’re unlikely to provide a reference?” he had asked as a final wind-up, before abandoning all dignity to run for his car. Fortunately, her aim wasn’t as devastating as her way with words and the two-inch spanner that swiftly followed him hit another vehicle. Terry didn’t hang around for the repercussions.

Some Kind Of Happiness  (Robin Gibson volume 2)

first published 2016

Now twenty-four, the future looks promising for Robin Gibson, until doubts intrude and events challenge his certainties. Not yet the time when a gay lifestyle can be pursued with impunity, he faces a series of upheavals that rock his world.
Set in the mid ’70s, the second novel in Nigel Austin’s Robin Gibson series captures the promise and the disappointment of the decade, as reflected in the finely observed characters it portrays.

Some Kind Of Perfection  (Robin Gibson volume 3)

first published 2017

At twenty-nine and embarking with optimism upon another new chapter in his life, Robin Gibson will again face circumstances that conspire to throw him off his charted course. When change comes, it is seismic in nature, forcing unprecedented self-examination and requiring his whole world to adjust to a new set of conventions.
Almost on the cusp of the ‘80s, the backdrop to the third volume of Robin’s story is a period of changing attitudes towards homosexuality, not least among gays themselves. Despite the prevailing social, industrial and political turmoil, it’s a time of hope and expectation that is also reflected in the lives of the main protagonists.

Some Kind Of Innocence  (Robin Gibson volume 1)  

first published 2016

Approaching adulthood, the life before him is a blanker canvas than Robin Gibson realises. As his preconceptions fall, he discovers love and learns what it means to be gay in England at the end of the sixties, embracing a lifestyle at variance with all he has known.
The first in a series, it evokes a time before digital technology and social media, when prejudice was common and certain liberties - like the freedom to love - couldn’t be taken for granted. 


to my website. Hopefully, these pages will reveal something of me as an author and a person, particularly my motivation to write and my choice of subject matter. Through the articles in my blog and from the Photos, etc page, perhaps you will gain some insight into what excites, offends and amuses me and what stirs me to express myself generally ....although, if I'm honest, that's still a journey of discovery for me!

For starters, I care about injustice, inequality, discrimination and how greed, ignorance and indifference are destroying the environment and people's lives. I hope that doesn't make me sound like a Miss World contender - I deliberately didn't mention world peace!